"If you choose to not deal with an issue, then you give up your right of control over the issue and it will select the path of least resistance." -Susan del gatto.
Each of us knows that the whole world is maze. But we are impotent to penetrate this maze by using our problem solving ability. This event will definitely aid you to enhance your thinking levels and let your minds be hammered by these problems. This is all about "TACKLE-IT".


1) You need to have Unique PRAGYAA Registration ID (UPRID) to take part in online quiz.
2) There will be total three rounds.
3) Qualifying criteria for next round will be decided by co-ordinators.
4) Those who will get qualified will be informed on their e-mail & registered contact.
5) Fill the required details in the login form appropriately while attempting quiz.


Round1: Eco-tech
This round is concern about technical and environmental objective problems.
1) Quiz contains 20 MCQs,which should be solved within the time limit of 25 minutes.
2) Participants who crack first round will be eligible for next round
Round2: Puzzlogic
This round is concern about puzzle problems. This round is bit tougher than first round, there are some complex puzzle problems and you must crack those puzzles to get eligible for next round.
1) This roundcontains puzzle problems which should be solved within the time limit.
2) This round will be held in SGGS campus on 13 march 2015.
3) Participants who crack second round will be eligible for next round.


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Main Coordinator

Thote Priyanka Maroti

Joint Coordinator

Jivan Rathode